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Jasmine XL Bird Cage

Jasmine XL Bird Cage
zoom imageJasmine XL Bird Cage 

Jasmine XL Bird Cage

Jasmine XL Bird Cage
Price $499.99

Looking for the perfect home for your bird? Look no further than the Jasmine XL Bird Cage from Marvelous Pet Supplies. This cage features twist door locks that are easy for you to open though not so easy for your bird. The cage features innovative f eeder cups that keep your bird from escaping while changing food. The frame`s design also allows you to rotate the cage for optimal viewing. It`s an ideal home for cockatiels parakeets conures and African Greys. Complete with a round cage and stand t he unit can be assembled in just minutes with no tools required. This cage comes in a variety of beautiful colors making it an attractive addition to your home.About Marvelous Pet Supplies LLCPicking out a home for your bird is easy with products fro m Marvelous Pet Supplies. The company based in Brooklyn N.Y. is dedicated to providing pet owners with top-quality bird cages that also stand alone as art objects. The company strives for the highest standards of design. Your bird deserves more than just an ordinary cage and Marvelous Pet Supplies takes that into consideration. Consumers are offered features such as two-toned colors cages that are easy to clean and assemble rounded skirts and patent-pending unique designs. Make your bird happy a s a lark by picking products from Marvelous Pet Supplies
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